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Users from different countries have their own likes and dislikes. From the political arena to the personal level of engagement. Each individual is born unique and has the will to create decisions that would sustain life. For some, this is called survival. Most of the time, decisions come from our feelings and particular will. We give weight to our views and sometimes we want to share it with others. On the other hand, we also value the mass’s opinion. In a food court, when you see two food chain that offers the same food but one has many customers and the other has few. Most likely you would be in the queue with those who have many customers cause you believe their food is great because a lot of people are buying into it. Psychologist call this conformity. We conform to what we think is the best choice, not weighing your personal choice.

IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database. This has the collection of registered movies, television series, video games and even cast, crew, production and etc. Movies are ranked according to the votes given by a user. The user’s vote is confidential even the criteria that is used to evaluate the movie, television series or video games are kept secret. You can see the value of votes according to the preference of the user. By this, a ranking is formed. The higher the number obtained from the votes, the more the users are more into the movie that was rated.

So as valued consumers ,full movies developed a way to elevate your online movie streaming experience. Not only because the aim for the best but believing that you deserve the best. Television series and movies are ranked accordingly to IMDbs. The next time you stream, the best are waiting for you by ratings.