Why Let me Watch This Movie Downloading Site Did Not Get Shut Down

Free movie downloading sites are certainly a great help for people who are unable to pay for movie tickets or disks to watch in their own homes, as it is free, downloadable at the internet and can give you amazing quality almost up to par with watching movies on a disk. You can find more details on letmewatchthis on the site letmewatchthis.kim.

The False Analogy On Free Movies

A few years back the government has declared that streaming and downloading movies on the internet from free movie streaming sites are illegal and that it is the same act as breaking into a store to steal goods. Although the analogy seems right, it’s actually flawed as once you stole goods from a store, you then decrease the lively hood of the owners since they had to spend money for the goods, but for watching movies online it is simply not the case, when you watch a movie online for free, it does not really affect the company as they are still making profit out of the following:

  • Tickets
  • Disks
  • Merchandise
  • Advertisements

What you watched for free is simply a copy of the movie, which they did not spend any more than they would if all the people who could not afford tickets or CDs didn’t watch their movie. Even with all those said, movie streaming and downloading sites are still being shut down.

Why Some Movie Streaming Sites Are Not In Conflict With the Law

Movie streaming sites such as letmewatchthis are not being shut down as they are simply not in conflict with the law. They are technically safe and legal as they do not themselves upload the movies which they let you watch for free; they actually source all these movies from willing sources. This makes the site itself safe from being shut down or being detected as illegal, which is important to viewers as they finally have a go-to place to watch movies when they do not have the money to simply pay for movie tickets.